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Personal Training & Yoga

Certified through NASM & All Yoga Thailans, I have been a personal trainer for over 3 years and yoga instructor for 4. I specialize in training Irish Dancers & athletes, however I have experience in training people ages 7-67.

Health & Wellness Coaching
coming soon!

Currently studying to be a Holistic Health & Wellness coach. By June 2020, I will be able to consult and assist on your health journey.

Wholistic Nutrition
coming soon!

Currently studying to be a Holistic Nutritionist. By January 2020, I will be able to help guide you with a nutrition plan that is right for you.



Wholistic Health, Nutrition, Conspiracies, Agenda’s, Happiness, Hormone-Balancing, Goal-Setting, Adventure, Manifestation



Non-toxic skin care & makeup, Non-toxic oral care, Wholistic Warrior merch, & more!


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Personal Training, Health & Wellness Coaching (coming January 2020), & Holistic Nutrition (coming January 2020)