“We are at war. This is why we must become warriors and take back our health. In every way possible. “


My name is Cortney and I have started this blog after a whirlwind year of eye-opening dot-connecting.

I am a personal trainer and passionate about our health as humans. As a whole. Mind - Body - Soul. But even more than that, I am concerned. Our health is being attacked from all angles.

Our bodies: With poisoning our food, air, and water. With our beauty products, skin care products, all full of toxic chemicals.

Our minds: With television PROGRAMMING & brainwashing. With social media and Hollywood portraying a life that is unreal.

Our souls: By polluting our minds & bodies, burdening some of us with debt, commuting to a job we hate, limiting our time doing the things we love and being in nature, and so much more. Our souls are not experiencing this human life to its fullest potential.

We are at war. This is why we must become warriors and take back our health. In every way possible.

My early 20s were filled with a lot of insecurities, beer, and Irish Dance. I ate as healthy as I could with the knowledge I had at the time and I worked out and trained in Irish Dance religiously. I was incredibly motivated in Irish Dancing and my dancing had only improved with age. However, when I was not dancing or going to school, I watched TV, partied every single weekend staying up till 4am, and sought attention from boys.

The summer after I graduated college with a B.S. in General Psychology, I had a bad breakup with my boyfriend and I felt like I had no idea who I was or what the hell I was doing with my life. I had just finished 6 years of undergrad at 5 different colleges. That's right. FIVE DIFFERENT COLLEGES. I was a Kinesiology major at the first 4 schools with dreams of being a Physical Therapist. When I decided to transfer, I switched to a major I would never use unless I went to grad school: Psychology. I wanted to be either a Speech Pathologist or Sports Psychologist because I knew how important the power of the mind was in a competition setting. I had experienced the success of it first-hand. But, after 6 years of floating around, I couldn't imagine going back to school. Not to mention college had sucked me dry of money that I would be paying back for the next 15 years of my young adult life. It felt like a complete waste.

I read a book during this lost time that I can 100% say changed my life. It was the very catalyst for my journey I am on now. It created a sense of confidence and awareness in me that I had never felt before.

"The Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior." by Dan Millman

The title sounds hippy as hell. I mean, it was written in Berkeley in the 70s. But the message, ahh the message...


Without giving the whole book away, the man in the book was very lost and unhappy in his marriage and life. He goes on a search for answers from a woman in Hawaii. His mentor, Socrates, led him there. When he finds her, she takes him on a journey. A journey to find himself, but before he does, he has to go through hell and back. He travels through different levels of Self, explores the chakra system, and he (and I!) learn lessons that can be applied to your life to make you a happier & more successful YOU.

Anyone I meet who is going through a tough time, I either recommend this book, or buy it for them.

During this time in my life in 2012-2013, I began to become awakened to many different things. One thing lead to another. I started doing research into fluoride and found out about the dangers of this neurotoxin they put into toothpaste and our drinking water without our consent.  I began reading about the toxicity of aluminum in deodorant and the different chemicals that are in makeup and other beauty products. I even participated in March Against Monsanto protesting GMO's (Genetically Modified Organism’s). I learned about the Fukushima nuclear power plant leaking nuclear waste into our oceans and how the media covers it up. I was enraged about all the heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals that are knowingly put into our food, water, air, and every day products. My eyes had opened. There had to be an agenda. Why else would there be cancer-causing chemicals be in everything? I continued to learn year after year.

*side note>>> If you're going to read my blog, be prepared to learn things that may upset you. You may even get mad at me. Some things are just theories. Most things are backed up with evidence. This will be unlike any health blog you have read. WELCOME FELLOW TRUTHSEEKERS & WHOLISTIC WARRIORS.

Here I am today. I am on a health journey of my own navigating to find the correct and perfect recipe for my body. After learning all this and more, I knew my path was in holistic health. I want to learn AND teach as much as I can and be the healthiest I can be to protect myself and others from this agenda. My journey, as with everyone's, has been up and down. I've strayed and I've come back. But that is life. And it's sacred. Because it's the only journey we're on in this moment. We CAN fight dis-ease. We CAN fight illness. We CAN prevent it. That's what warriors do. They courageously persist and overcome. We are at a war. At a war against chemicals and toxins of the MIND BODY AND SPIRIT. Some are physical, others you cannot see. Stay vigilant. Equip yourself with knowledge and experience through trial and error. You are a Warrior. With this knowledge and your own curiosity you can be a WHOLISTIC WARRIOR.

Thanks for being here.